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40mm vanes are suitable for barebow and recurve archers. They can be used either for recreation or for competing. If used for recreational purposes, draw weight should be under 35lbs. When used for competing, the arrow will behave best with draw weight under 45lbs. 40mm vanes are well known for their wind resistancy. Suitable for: Barebow, Recurve
50mm best selling recurve vanes were used by the majority of Xs Wings olympic team 2016. They are resistant in windy conditions and work best with draw weight from 35-45lbs for recreational archery and up to 50lbs for competition. They can even be used on compound bows if draw weight doesn't exceed 50lbs. Suitable for: Barebow, Recurve, Compound
50mm high profile offer the best compromise between 60mm high profile and 50mm low profile vanes. They forgive most and make the best continued score within the recurve vanes category. They can be used by both componud and recurve archers with draw weight between 45 - 60lbs. Suitable for: Barebow, Recurve, Compound
Low profiled 60mm vanes were developed for those wanting to achieve peak performance. They provide stability and constant accuracy which makes them optimal for indoor competition and hitting the gold. Recommended draw weight should not be over 45lbs. Suitable for: Barebow, Recurve, Compound
If you are a recurve or compound archer exceeding draw weight 50lbs, 60mm high profile vanes will work best for you. They are made for speed and forgive greatly. Additionally because of the well developed shape the arrow's stability increases. Suitable for: Recurve, Compound
70mm vanes were developed exclusively for compound archers. They can be used for target archery, 3D competitions or Field. Draw weight of compound bow should be up to 60lbs. But nevertheless, 70mm vanes with this profile can also be used for recurve bows with draw weight from 45lbs for indoor competitions. Suitable for: Recurve, Compound
100mm vanes with low profile can be used with large arrow diameter for indoor shooting and are fitting for both recurve or compound bows. These vanes offer excellent arrow stabilization and with that an easier way to shoot your perfect score. Suitable for: Recurve, Compound
Designed for compound archers using the largest arrow diameter are the high profle 100mm vanes. Because of that high profile they offer the best and quickest stabilization on indoor competitions. Suitable for: Compound

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Standard outdoor chart


Standard indoor chart