Rules of the Prize Game – Xs Wings 3rd big giveaway 2018

1. General provisions

The rules below set out the process by which the prize game is to be conducted and the terms and conditions of participation. Organiser of the prize game: Xs Wings company with representative Benjamin Sitar (hereinafter referred to as: organizer).

The prize game shall be conducted in Slovenia and shall run from September 19 to September 21, 2018. By taking part in the prize game, participants accept these general terms and conditions and confirm that they are familiar with them and that they agree to abide by them.

2. Purpose of the prize game

The purpose of the prize game “Xs Wings 3rd big giveaway 2018” (hereinafter referred to as: prize game) is to promote Xs Wings brand and it’s products on Facebook. Advertisement and participation shall take place in accordance with the regulations on the advertising of services represented by the contracting authority.

3. Participants

Any individual with Facebook account anywhere in the world may take part in the prize game. A person may only participate in the prize game in their own name. They confirm that all the personal
details sent are exclusively their own personal details (name and surname on public Facebook profile) and that they agree with these rules.

4. Method of participation

Participation in the prize game involves liking Xs Wings Facebook page, prize game post, publishing a comment on posts relating to the prize content and sharing prize game post. Only those participants who comply with before explained rules of the prize game may take part in the draw. Any costs of participation (internet access) shall be met by the participant. A participant may terminate their participation at any time. Termination may be done as deleting their comment on post or disliking Facebook post and Xs Wings page. By terminating their participation, a participant excludes themselves from further participation in the prize game.

The prize game winner will be announced on Facebook Page of Xs Wings:

Any use of false or double profiles, or the suspected use of such profiles, shall result in exclusion of the participant from the prize game.

5. Prize

The winner of the prize game will win indoor stock of Xs Wings vanes by their choice and Xs Wings limited edition cap along with Xs Wings accessories such as towel, wrist bands, arrow counter, spare set of tapes etc. The winner can use the prize in 1 month from the end date of the prize game (21. 10. 2018). Winner can request their award through email address with the subject: Xs Wings big giveaway prize winner. Prizes are non-exchangeable, nor may any cash equivalent be requested. A prizewinner may not transfer their prize to a third party.